Who we are

Our purpose

Dementia Research UK is a grant-making charity established in 2012. Our objective is to support research into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and care of all forms of dementia, as well as research into the support and services that people with dementia need.

When setting up our charity, we took the deliberate decision that our funding would cover every type of dementia, rather than any individual disease.  

That means the income we raise can be allocated across a wide range of research projects in the dementia community, which in turn means we are able to make a positive impact on as many people as possible who are suffering from dementia, and on their families and carers. 

Our organisation

Dementia Research UK is managed by a team of Trustees. Our lean team and simple infrastructure allow us to keep our costs to a minimum. 

We carry out the majority of our tasks inhouse, and only bring in external help where it is absolutely necessary and cost-effective to do so.

Our donors and supporters can be reassured that we are well placed to continue to meet our objectives and support our beneficiaries in challenging times.