Trent Dementia

Trent Dementia is a registered charity (full name: Trent Dementia Services Development Centre, Charity no.1109855). Formed in 2005, Trent Dementia exists to promote innovation, empowerment and best practice for people affected by dementia. The priority at the Centre is to hear and represent the voice of people living with dementia, their families, carers and supporters, to promote empowerment, independence and wellbeing. Trent Dementia provides access to a range of social, creative and wellbeing activities for people affected by dementia, as well as valuable advice about support and resources available to them directly from the Centre, or from other organisations.


The team at Trent Dementia carry out research directly with people who are living with dementia, to find out what support and services they need, and what activities they would like to participate in. 

The Centre’s research also focuses on identifying the best ways to educate the public about dementia.  The Centre invites people with dementia to be directly involved in the design and delivery of events which provide that insight to a wider audience, such as their ‘Life with Dementia’ events.  

This direct contact with people who are living with dementia enables staff at the Centre to keep learning about how dementia affects them, how they wish to live in their communities, and what further support they need in order to improve their quality of life.

Read more here about ‘Life with Dementia’ events… 


Trent Dementia organises a number of support groups and activities for people living with dementia, and supplies the necessary guidance for people to set up and run their own groups with whatever level of scaffolding support is needed.

Weekly ‘online craft’ evenings are held, where participants work with a variety of materials, and activity packs are sent out for people to use at home. ‘Coffee and chat’ groups meet over Zoom to discuss a wide range of topics including health and wellness, and there is a weekly online ‘friends for life’ group where members enjoy quizzes, card games and other social activities. Read more about these Groups here…

The ‘outdoor lovers chat’ group creates and shares films of local walks and wildlife, with the support of staff at the Centre. Get advice on creating videos here ‘Making Virtual Walks Guide’.

Trent Dementia also provides advice on the use of communication technologies to enable people with dementia to access online activities and resources, and to communicate via social media – this support proved to be vital in tackling the isolation felt by so many during the long months of lockdown. To see the Centre’s advice on the use of Zoom and Twitter, click the links.

You can also find up-to-date and user-friendly information on resources available across the UK