Research Institute for the Care of Older People

The aim of RICE is to help people live as well as possible for as long as possible, by reducing the impact of health problems in old age.  RICE’s research focuses primarily on dementia, but also on other chronic conditions of older age, to understand their connections to dementia.  RICE shares its research and expertise across the UK and globally, influencing health and care policy, and helping to improve dementia diagnosis, treatment and care as widely as possible. Dr Tomas Welsh, RICE Research and Medical Director, introduces RICE here…


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The main aim of RICE’s research is to identify the best ways to diagnose, manage, treat and understand dementia. RICE is a key contributor to global research into treatments for dementia, and conducts trials of new dementia treatments at its centre in Bath.

RICE research teams investigate the links between dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, and muscle and bone health, to understand how they affect and are affected by each other.  This research will help to identify better treatments, care options, and prevention strategies for people who suffer from multiple conditions.

RICE researchers also look at how lifestyle changes can improve the quality of life of people with dementia, assessing the impact of exercise, memory strategies, music therapy and a range of other activities to help people with dementia maintain their independence for as long as possible.

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RICE runs memory clinics to assess, diagnose and treat people with dementia, and to provide support to help people affected by dementia to deal with the impact of the diagnosis.

RICE’s Living with Dementia programme is for people newly diagnosed with dementia.  It provides them with information about treatments, gives them a chance to share their experience, and offers advice on how to improve their memory.

“At the RICE Centre we always have a warm welcome. The staff are friendly and helpful, it doesn’t feel like a hospital.  It’s a bit like going home and part of our family. As my husband is taking part in one of the studies it feels very helpful for him.  It’s also very good meeting people who are in a similar situation.”
The Carers’ Course provides advice and coping strategies to those looking after someone with dementia, and information on the support and services available.

RICE’s direct contact with patients and their families has a dual impact – it provides people with dementia with an opportunity to participate directly in research and make a personal contribution to improvements in healthcare; and it gives RICE direct insight into the mental, physical, practical and social needs of those with dementia, enabling RICE researchers to pinpoint what is most needed in terms of treatment, care, services and support.

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