ReMind UK

ReMind UK are an independent charity getting ahead of dementia. Their vision is a world where early intervention wins to improve the lives of millions more people across the world. Dementia should be diagnosed early and accurately, with a range of treatment options as well as the right support available. ReMind UK work to improve the brain health of people across their lifespan to enable them to live well for longer. Read more here…


ReMind UK’s Research Institute for Brain Health conducts world-class clinical and non-drug research into better treatment and care for people affected by dementia. ReMind UK believe that people diagnosed with dementia should be offered the opportunity to take part in research trials. 

ReMind UK has been delivering cutting-edge research into conditions of older age for over two decades. They have been involved in the clinical trials for all four of the medications currently prescribed to treat dementia in the UK today. In the past ten years, ReMind UK has participated in thirty-two clinical drug trials and twenty research studies into the origins, effects and treatment of dementia.

They continue to deliver a broad range of pioneering research activities exploring different types of dementia, genetics, lifestyle interventions as well as drug treatments. ReMind UK are currently involved in testing the safety and efficacy of the new disease modifying drug called donanemab, designed for people with early Alzheimer’s disease.

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ReMind UK run the memory clinic for Bath and North East Somerset to diagnose, treat and support people affected by dementia. It is led by a team of highly skilled consultants, nurses and psychologists from their accessible dementia-friendly centre based on the campus of the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

ReMind offer a support service to help people living with dementia and their loved ones to cope with the diagnosis. This includes in-house support courses and group sessions which complement the care and treatment provided and help people to live as well as they can with their memory problem or dementia. 

Structured support programmes for people with dementia include Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and the Living Well with Dementia Course, run by the ReMind UK psychology team. New sessions focussed on wellbeing have been designed to encourage gentle movement, socialising and learning new skills. A range of more casual activities such as museum trips, photography or poetry events also happen throughout the year.

ReMind UK also specialises in supporting carers of people with dementia. ReMind UK regularly run information days for carers to introduce them to a helpful services and advice. Carers can also join peer support videocalls, wellbeing sessions and talking table discussion groups.

Recently, ReMind UK launched their new downloadable handy Guide to Living Well with Dementia, a collection of advice, guidance and services curated by the support team.

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