Memory Matters

Memory Matters is a Community Interest Company which works across Devon and Cornwall. The aim of Memory Matters has always been to provide meaningful services that respond to the needs expressed by people living with dementia. They believe that having access to compassionate support, therapies and peer led activities enables people to live well with their dementia.

Research and Technology

The research team at Memory Matters has developed the first Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) e-group therapy App of its kind.  CST is a therapy which is proven to slow the progression of dementia and increase the quality of life.  The team is working directly with people with dementia and with expert CST facilitators to design and develop the App.

CST aims to engage individuals in meaningful activities that stimulate their cognitive function. The App offers a wide range of cognitive exercises designed to improve memory, attention, language, and reasoning skills. The exercises are fun and engaging, with activities ranging from word games and puzzles to music therapy and reminiscence activities. The App also includes a feature that allows users to rate their enjoyment before and after each session. One of the unique features of the App is its personalised approach to CST. Each user’s cognitive abilities and preferences are taken into account when selecting exercises.

The App is easy to use, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of digital literacy. The App can be used in the user’s own home, eliminating the need for regular visits to a therapist or memory service. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that individuals with dementia can use it as a group or independently, which can enhance their feelings of independence and self-worth.

The research conducted by Memory Matters showed that those taking part in their CST programme reported increased confidence (74%), made new friends (96%), experienced improved mental and emotional well-being (64%), and improved their quality of life (73%).

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Memory Matters run Moments Cafe in Plymouth Moments Café | A cafe with a conscience. Moments Cafe is a community based cafe open to the general public six days a week. Within the cafe is the Memory Matters Hub which provides an opportunity for people living with dementia, and those who support them, to meet and take part in activities designed to stimulate and encourage people with dementia to have fun.  

The Hub in Plymouth provides workshops and activity sessions for people living with dementia. The specialist team at the Hub provides free support and practical advice to anyone who needs information about any aspect of memory loss or dementia, as well as signposting to other services or groups which can help.  Anyone can sign up to receive free activity sheets, which include exercises to improve brain fitness at home.

CST groups run in Plymouth and across Cornwall and are offered for free to people living with mild to moderate dementia (this includes people awaiting a diagnosis) who would like to get involved in activities that stimulate the brain, in a social setting. 

Memory Matters also provides training for individuals and for healthcare professionals, either face-to-face or on Zoom.  Dementia Training courses help care staff to develop a deeper understanding of their role in enriching the lives of people with dementia.  Courses are offered for those interested in becoming a CST practitioner.  They also offer workshops on ‘Exploring Dementia,’ and their six-week ‘Brain Fitness Formula’ online course is designed for anyone interested in protecting their own brain health.  See here for more information…

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