Dementia Prevention UK

Dementia Prevention UK is committed to its mission of public education regarding dementia risk factors and the potential of cognitive stimulation and lifestyle modifications in preventing or delaying the onset of dementia. The charity’s overarching objective is to ensure universal access to the essential knowledge and resources required for fostering and sustaining brain health.


Dementia Prevention UK has developed research-backed tools for the prevention or delay of dementia.

Their work is informed by the modifiable risk factors and advocating lifestyle modifications for brain health.

Guided by research, their initiatives delve into the potential of cognitive engagement, physical activity, and proper nutrition in safeguarding and nurturing brain function. Through active collaborations with universities and research institutions, the charity remains at the forefront of developments, continually seeking innovative strategies for dementia prevention.

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Dementia Prevention UK offers a range of workshops designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and practical techniques necessary to lower their risk of developing dementia. These workshops enable participants to understand and effectively manage dementia risk factors. The programmes can be customised based on an individual’s family history and lifestyle, facilitating the identification and reduction of specific risk factors.

Additionally, they offer sessions tailored to women, addressing their unique risk factors.

Workshops focusing on work-related stress and strategies to mitigate risk through workplace behaviour changes are also available.

Furthermore, Brian the Brain programme offers seven-week brain health education for schools and targets 10-11 year olds. This programme covers nutrition, physical activity, brain engagement, and mental health tools to promote brain health. It empowers children to share their knowledge with family adults, fostering a comprehensive approach to brain health within families.

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