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The suspense keeps the game exciting
Choosing a Care Home
Most people say that they would rather stay at home than ever go into a care home. That’s understandable.  You spend your whole life building a comfortable space that is full of memories, in a place you...
Neurons in Alzheimer's disease
Aducanumab, Lecanemab, Donanemab, and ARIA – no magic cure yet.
In 2022 the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved a new treatment called Aducanumab for Alzheimer’s disease.  There was significant international controversy about that decision.  It...
Healthy food, exercising and weight control concept
Lifestyle changes and dementia
Although we know there is no cure for dementia yet, the good news is that your risk of being affected by dementia can be influenced by keeping your brain healthy.   Improvement in brain health happens...
Supporting people living with rare dementias: In conversation with Professor Nick Fox.
Whilst the most common diseases that cause dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia, are well known, there is less recognition of, and less research into, rare dementias. From frontotemporal...
Architects or interior designer working with tablet and material samples on desk
Design and dementia
While we work hard for a dementia cure in the future there is a lot that can be done to make life easier for people who live with dementia now. In this blog I want to focus on what can be done in the design...
Blog 4
Advice for Carers of a Person Living with Dementia – five practical suggestions
What does it mean to be the “carer” of a person diagnosed with dementia? In some cultures, there is not even a word that means “carer”.  Taking care of someone is just what you do, whether they are your...
Paint Splatter - Thank you
Raising funds for research in a kilt
We would like to say a very big thank you to David Lambie, who selected Dementia Research UK as his chosen charity for The Edinburgh Kiltwalk in September 2022.  David took part in the 21-mile ‘Mighty...
Alzheimer's disease concept
Causes of Dementia
Dementia is caused by a range of diseases and injuries that affect the brain, such as Alzheimer’s disease or vascular disease or head injury. In September 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated...
Blog 2
Reading and understanding news about research and developments in Dementia
Most weeks there are new headlines about dementia or splashes on social media.  If you have dementia yourself, or someone in your family is affected, you will probably read every word, searching for good...
Memory lapses, forgetting things, degenerative disease. Brain problems. Parkinson and alzheimer desease
What are the symptoms of dementia?
Although many people think of dementia as a memory problem, dementia can cause difficulties with any of the functions of the brain.  These are often divided into cognitive changes and psychological changes,...
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