to Sahana Vaidyanathan

We would like to say how very grateful we are to Sahana Vaidyanathan, aged 13, for the fantastic fundraising she has been doing over the past three years in memory of her grandfather. Every year, Sahana creates a range of stunning Christmas cards which she sells to her neighbours to raise funds for dementia research.

A huge amount of effort goes into the design and the creation of Sahana’s cards and we really appreciate her time, her creativity, and all her hard work. What a brilliant achievement and such an imaginative way for Sahana to honour the memory of her grandfather, and to spread the word about the need for more research into dementia.

Here Sahana describes in her own words how she is helping to raise awareness and funds for dementia research, and why it is so important to her.

‘Every time I go to Chennai for the Christmas holidays, I paint a variety of Christmas cards. My mother then goes to a printing place, where they design and print cards from my paintings, and normally we get twenty or so printed of each.

The following year we sell them to people in our local area, giving the money raised to dementia research. I’ve been fundraising for three years now, and at first I was considering raising for cancer; dementia is funded with less generosity, and my grandfather had vascular dementia. He was the person I loved most in the world, so I do the fundraising in his memory each year.

Also, recently, my great-aunt was diagnosed with dementia, and I love her dearly. When I was very little, and living in India, I would play games with her and play with the spoons, cups, and tumblers in her house every afternoon.

Every year so far, I’ve been extremely pleased with the amount of money raised, especially this year, where I have raised more than £250. Over the course of the three years, I’ve donated close to £600 to dementia charities, over half of which I have donated to Dementia Research UK. I truly believe it’s necessary to donate to dementia research, because it’s in memory of those who I love, and in the hope that it will help to improve the lives of the many people around the world suffering from the disease.’

Here are the lovely Christmas cards which Sahana created last year, the proceeds of which she kindly donated to Dementia Research UK.

Thank you so much Sahana!


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